Appendix D

Battle of Kings Mountain Notes

“The King’s Mountain Men, The Story of the Battle, with Sketches of the American Soldiers Who Took Part”, by Katherine Keogh White ©1966, Genealogical Publishing Co.  

Supplemental Lists:

Allen, Richard        Roan Co., TN  
Baker, John
          p. 145  
Bledsoe, Isaac
     p. 80, 93  
Brewer, William    Blount Co., TN
Crabtree, James
  p.163 – son of William Crabtree  III  
Crabtree, William
                p. 163  
Hedrick, William
  Sevier Co., TN  
Henniger, Conrad
               p. 186  
Henniger, Jacob
  p. 186  
Henniger, John
    p. 186  
Kilgore, Charles
   p. 197  
Lawson, John
       Morgan Co., TN  
Rogers, William
   Hamilton Co., TN  
Rogers, Benjamin
               Campbell Co., TN  
Skaggs, Henry
     p. 225 – longhunter, he was pensioned in Virginia - wounded  
Skaggs, John
       p. 226 – private under Edmondson  
Smith, Edward
     Knox Co., TN  
Smith, Edward
     p. 225, 242 – Justice in 1779, Washington Militia under Campbell , pensioned 1835  
Yeary, Henry
         p. 236 – listed by Summers  

p. 242 – Edward Smyth “Served 1775-1781.  After battle of Kings Mountain he and William Snodgrass  were sent back to direct the militia following on foot to halt, which they did.  In Washington Co., VA he married Hannah Crabtree  1787, to whom pension was allowed.  When living in Estell Co., KY 1856, 88 years old she applied for bounty land.”