Supplemental Information to "Windows Into Our Past A Genealogy of the Parsons, Smith & Associated Families, Vol. 1"  © 1996, Judy Parsons  Smith , p.44-45

William Brewster

William Brewster , b. ca. 1470, Rushmere, Suffolk , England ; m. ca. 1499 to Mary Harvey , b. ca. 1470, Olton, Suffolk , England . 

William  & Mary ( Harvey ) Brewster  had a (1) son:

·         Robert Brewster, b. 1494-1500, Rusmere, Suffolk , England .

Robert Brewster

Robert Brewster , son of William & Mary (Harvey) Brewster , b. 1494-1500, Rusmere, Suffolk, England; m. Miss Edmonds , daughter of Christopher Edmonds , b. ca. 1498, Cressing Temp, Essex, England. 

Robert  & Miss ( Edmonds ) Brewster  had three (3) children:

1.       Humphrey Brewster , b. 1526, Rushmere, Suffolk, England; d. 29 Jun 1593, Wrentham, Suffolk, England; bur. Wrentham, Suffolk, England; m. ca. 1553 to Alice Foster .  
2.       Mary Brewster , b. ca. 1528, Rusmere, Suffolk , England .  
James Brewster , b. ca.  1530, Rusmere, Suffolk , England

Humphrey Brewster

1.  Humphrey Brewster , son of Robert  & Miss (Edmonds) Brewster , b. 1526, Rushmere, Suffolk, England; d. 29 Jun 1593, Wrentham, Suffolk, England; bur. Wrentham, Suffolk, England; m. ca. 1553 to Alice Foster , daughter of William  & Marilyn (Spencer) Foster , b. ca. 1530, Gobdoke, Suffolk, England; d. 1611; bur. 8 Sep 1611, Wrentham, Suffolk, England.  Humphrey  & Alice (Foster) Brewster  divorced.

Humphrey  & Alice (Foster) Brewster  had seven (7) children:

1.1.        Francis Brewster , b. ca. 1556/1566, Wrentham & Bristol, Suffolk, England; d. 16 Oct 1632, Bristol, Somerset, England; m. ca. 1586, St. Peter Parish, Bristol, England to Elizabeth Snelling .  
Humphrey Brewster , b. ca. 1554/1569, Wrentham Hall, Suffolk , England ; d. 1613.  
Elizabeth Brewster , b. ca.  1577, Wrentham Hall, Suffolk , England .  
Susan Sarah Brewster , b. ca. 1560/1575, Wrentham Hall, Suffolk , England .  
Mary Brewster , b. ca. 1564/1567, Wrentham Hall, Suffolk , England .  
Jane Brewster , b. ca. 1567/1571, Wrentham Hall, Suffolk , England .  
Elizabeth Brewster , b. 1557/1558, Wrentham Hall, Suffolk , England .

Francis Brewster

1.1.  Francis Brewster  of the Castle of Bristol, England, son of Humphrey  & Alice (Foster) Brewster , b. ca. 1556/1566, Wrentham & Bristol, Suffolk, England; d. 16 Oct 1632, Bristol, Somerset, England; m. ca. 1586, St. Peter Parish, Bristol, England to Elizabeth Snelling , daughter of Robert Snelling , b. 1568, Bristol, Somerset, England. Francis & Elizabeth (Snelling) Brewster  divorced.

Francis Brewster  was the collector of rents for Sir John Stafford.

Francis  & Elizabeth (Snelling) Brewster  had four (4) children:

1.1.1.         John Brewster , b. 1600, Bristol , Somerset , England  
Gillian Brewster , b. 1602' chr. 6 Apr 1602, Bristol , England .  
Dr. Francis Brewster , b. ca. 1589, Wrentham, Suffolk , England ; d. 1646, lost at sea.  
Robert Brewster , b. ca. 1587, Wrentham, Suffolk , England ; d. ca. 1663

Dr. Francis Brewster

1.1.4.  Dr. Francis Brewster , of New Haven, Connecticut, son of Francis  & Elizabeth (Snelling) Brewster , b. ca. 1589, Wrentham, Suffolk, England; d. presumably lost on the Lambertons's ship the "Phanton Ship" ca. 1646/47; An inventory of his estate was taken 30 Dec. 1647; m. ca. 1600, Bristol Castle, Bristol, England to Lucretia "Lucy" Jones[i] , d. ca. 1664/1669, New Have, Connecticut.  Lucretia Brewster  m 2nd between 10 Mar 1646/7 and 7 Dec 1647 to Thomas Pell .

Dr. Francis Brewster  was a chirurgeon, the modern day equivalent of a barber-surgeon. 

On 12 Mar 1614/15 Francis Brewster  was placed as an apprentice to Edward Harris  of Bristol , England to study for seven years as a barber surgeon.  Prior to being placed as an apprentice, he was a buttermaker in the Castle of Bristol . He completed his apprenticeship in March 1622.  On 23 Aug 1626 he received a lease of the Castle of Bristol from King Charles I, for a period of 80 years if John Brewster , Gillian Brewster  and Nathaniel Brewster  so long live.  It was the custom of the time that a property could only be leased during the lifetime of three people living when the lease was made[ii].

Francis Brewster  was credited with an estate valued at 1000 pounds.  An inventory of his estate was taken on 30 Dec 1647.  The only individual who was wealthier was the governor, Theophilus Eston .

Dr. Francis  & Lucretia (Jones) Brewster  had nine (9) children:    John Brewster  (mentioned in castle lease)   
Gillian Brewster  (mentioned in castle lease)   
Joseph Brewster , b. 12 Oct 1628, Bristol , Somerset , England ; chr. 12 Oct 1628, Bristol Somerset , England   
Elizabeth Brewster , b. 1630, Bristol , Somerset , England   
Mary Brewster , b. 1633, Bristol , Somerset , England   
Nathaniel Brewster , b. ca. 1618, Bristol , England .   
Elizabeth Bunce Brewster , b. ca. 1625/1630, Middletown, Middlesex, Connecticut; d. 1690, Middletown, Middlesex, Connecticut; bur. Riverside Cem, Middletown, Middlesex, Connecticut.   
Child Brewster   
Child Brewster

Nathaniel Brewster  Nathaniel Brewster  (Supplemental information to Volume 1, page 44, 45), son of Dr. Francis  & Lucretia (Jones) Brewster , b. ca. 1618, Bristol, Somerset England; d. 1695, Brookhaven, Long Island, New York; m 1st to Abigail Reymes of Norfolk, England; m 2nd 2 Apr 1656, Dublin, Ireland to Sarah Ludlow[iii] , daughter of Roger  & Mary (Cogan) Ludlow , b. 1643-1644, probably Fairfield, Connecticut; d. p. 1699, Brookhaven, Long Island, New York.

Nathaniel Brewster  was in the first graduating class at Harvard University in 1642.  In 1643 he left for England and labored in the Ministry until 1663.  He received his BD in Theology in 1648 from the University of Dublin .  He found a Congregational Church in Alby , England in 1650.  He was known to be an associate of Lord Oliver Cromwell, and active in the Cromwellian Government[iv].   In 1655 Cromwell sent him to Ireland .

Rev. Nathaniel Brewster  was a dissenting minister in England and after his marriage to Sarah Ludlow ; they fled from the persecution in England to America for liberty of worship.  In 1663, the Brewster family returned to America .  Nathaniel Brewster was called in 1665 to be the first minister (clergy) of the Setauket Presbyterian Church in Brookhaven, Long Island , New York .  He served as the minister there for twenty-one (21) years.



The respected and renowned genealogist, Donald Lines Jacobus , M.A. of New Haven, Connecticut, in his 1936-37 article entitled "The Family of Nathaniel Brewster ." serialized in The American Genealogist," described Nathaniel's heritage as follows: "Perhaps no question in American genealogy has been more controversial than that of the parentage of Rev. Nathaniel Brewster ."


The seriousness of the debate lay in the fact that the outcome would determine whether or not Nathaniel was indeed a nephew or grandson (both of which had been projected) of Elder William Brewster , of Mayflower fame.


The meticulous and admirable research of Mr. Jacobus  enlightened all those interested to the fact that Nathaniel was the son of Francis Brewster  of Bristol, England, and therefore not a descendant of Elder William Brewster , although the possibility of some distant non-lineal connection was left open, supposing on the chance of any earlier connection between Francis' family in Bristol (prior to 1602) and Elder William's family in Yorkshire.


Nathaniel, b.c1620-24, came to New Haven , CT with his parents Francis Brewster  (son of an earlier Francis), and Lucy b.c.1640. Nathaniel was enrolled in Harvard, graduating in what was said to have been the first graduating class of Harvard, in 1642. Later that year, he was in Dublin , Ireland , and thereafter back in England . Nathaniel's father Francis, was supposedly lost at sea in 1646 on a ship known as Lamberton's ship or the Phantom ship. Nathaniel's mother, Lucy, had remarried to Thomas Pell  by Dec 7, 1647.


To paraphrase the work of Mr. Jacobus: Nathaniel was a minister of Neatishead and Irstead, County, Norfolk, England, as early as 1650, but about 1654 became minister at Alby. County, Norfolk . In 1655 and 1656 he made trips to Ireland with Henry Cromwell . Also possible is that during or before 1658 he made another trip to New England, based on a reference to him in a petition there in 1658, but Nathaniel may have headed this petition without leaving England, via a written request through his stepfather Dr. Pell  in Fairfield, CT.


In 1662, the will of John Reynes  of Edgefield, Norfolk , England makes the reference to Nathaniel Brewster having married his daughter. The method of mention of her in the will, however, gives the inference that she was deceased at the time.


By 1656-60, Nathaniel had married Sarah Ludlow , daughter of Roger Ludlow  (of established Royal descent). most likely having met and/or married her in Dublin , Ireland , as Roger Ludlow and his family are recorded as having been in Dublin at the time of Nathaniel Brewster 's and Henry Cromwell 's visits there.


It is generally accepted that Nathaniel's first wife, the daughter of John Reymes, was most likely the mother of Nathaniel's first three or four children--John, Abigail, Sarah, and possibly Timothy--and that Sarah Ludlow  Brewster  therefore the mother of the latter children; (possibly Timothy), Daniel (baptized Oct 31, 1662 in Alby as the son of Nathaniel and Sarah), Deborah, Dinah, and Hannah.


By September 1663, Nathaniel had returned to America with his family, this time in Boston , MA . By 1665, they had relocated to Setauket, Brookhaven, Long Island , where Nathaniel and Sarah remained for the rest of their lives.


Nathaniel Brewster  made his will March 16, 1684/5 in Suffolk County , Long Island . He is noted as having died c. Dec. 18, 1690 (his will was proved May 3, 1695). In the will he mentions his wife Sarah , his sons Timothy , Daniel , and John , and grandchildren Daniel  and Abigail Burr  (who were the children of his daughter Abigail who had married Daniel Burr ).

Nomination To America ’s First Families Ancestor Roll of Honor

Rev. Nathaniel Brewster 's 13th Generation Great Grandson

John C. Carter  of  St. Petersburg , Florida


The Children of Rev. Nathaniel Brewster  and ________ Reymes were.

1. John Brewster
2. Abigail Brewster
 m. c 1668, Stamford , CT to Daniel Burr ; d. c. Dec 11, 1678.
3. Sarah Brewster
 b. c. 1656; m. c. 1674 Jonathan Smith .
4. (possibly) Timothy Brewster
 b. England c.1660  m. c 1685 to Mary Hawkins .

The Children of Rev. Nathaniel
 Brewster and Sarah Ludlow  were.

4. (possibly) Timothy Brewster b. England c1660:  m.c.1685 to Mary Hawkins.
5. Daniel Brewster
 bap. Alby, Norfolk , England , Oct 31, 1662; m. c 1693 to Anna Jayne ; d. c. 1742
6. Deborah Brewster

7. Dinah Brewster
 b.c.1666; m. April 6, 1685, Brookhaven, LI, to Joseph Tooker .
8. Hannah Brewster
 b. c. 1669; m (1st) John Muncy ; m. (2nd) to Samuel Thompson .

Nathaniel  & Abigail (Reymes) Brewster  had two (2) children:           John Brewster[v] , b. abt. 1645, Brookhaven, Suffolk , NY .          
Abigail Brewster , b. abt. 1647, Brookhaven, Suffolk, NY[vi]; d. between 1672-1678; m. Stanford, Conn to Daniel Burr .

Nathaniel  & Sarah ( Ludlow ) Brewster  had eight (8) children:           Sarah Brewster , b. abt. 1656; m. Jonathan Smith           Timothy Brewster[vii] , b. 1658, Brookhaven, Suffolk, NY; d. 1741/1749, Brookhaven, Long Island, NY; m. Mary Hawkins .  Served as town clerk of Brookhaven for 23 years.          
Daniel Brewster[viii] , bapt. 31 Oct 1662 at St. Ethelbert's Abbey, Norfolk, England; d. 15 Jun 1748, Brookhaven, Suffolk, NY; m. 1693 to Anna Jayne , daughter of William Jayne .  Served as town clerk of Brookhaven for 26 years after his brother Timothy Brewster .          
Nathaniel Brewster , b. 1664, E. Chester , NY          
Deborah Brewster , b. ca. 1668, Brookhaven, Suffolk , NY ; m. 6 Apr 1685 to Joseph Tucker          
Dinah /Dianah Brewster , b. ca. 1666-1669, Brookhaven, Suffolk, NY; m. 6 Apr 1685, Brookhaven, Suffold, NY to Joseph Tucker .          
Hannah Brewster , b. ca. 1669, Brookhaven, Long Island, New York; d. 11 Nov. 1755[ix], Long Island, New York; m 1st ca. 1680, Brookhaven, Long Island, NY to John Muncy , b. 24 Oct 1660, Ipswich, Massachusetts; m 2nd 28 Apr 1699 to Samuel Thompson .       
Mary Brewster , b. 1671, Brookhaven, Suffolk, NY; d. 1746, New London, Lebanon, CT; bur. Owen Raymond  Cemetery, Westchester, NY; m. to Johnathan Owen Sr ., b. 1671, Ireland.

Hannah Brewster  Hannah Brewster[x] , daughter of Nathaniel  & Sarah (Ludlow) Brewster , b. ca. 1669, Brookhaven, Long Island, New York; d. 11 Nov. 1755[xi], Long Island, New York; m 1st ca. 1680 (est.), Brookhaven, Long Island, New York to John Muncy , son of Francis  & Hannah (Adams) Muncy , b. ca. 1659, bapt. 24 Oct 1660, Ipswich , Massachusetts ; d. 19 Feb 1690, Brookhaven, Long Island , New York ; m 2nd 28 Apr 1699 to Samuel Thompson[xii] .

John  & Hannah (Brewster) Muncy  had three (3) children:      John Muncy     
Francis Muncy , m. Abigail Skidmore     
Nathaniel Muncy  

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