Nathaniel Day

Nathaniel Day of Ipswich Massachusetts had a son:

Mr. Day

Mr. Day

Mr. Day  possible father of two (2) sons:

1.       Christopher Day  
Nathaniel Day

Christopher was English (or possibly Welsh), and may have been born in the colonies or in England (or Wales ) from J. Edward Day :

·         Christopher was quite possibly a Baptist from Wales fleeing from religious persecution of that time and place.

A 1976 book by Leonard F. Day , the Descendants of Christopher Day  of Bucks Co. PA with a Supplement to the Ancient Families of Dee and Day in Wales says:

·         Christopher Day probably descended from Nathaniel Day  of Ipswich ( Main ) (as grandson)
no history on Nathaniel once he arrived in the Colonies. This would account for the name Nathaniel of one of Christopher’s sons.

Christopher Day

1.  Christopher Day [i], b. 1648, Yorkshire , England ; bapt. 6 Nov 1714, Pennyback Baptist Church, Philadelphia Co., PA; d. 6 Mar 1748, Bucks Co., PA; bur. Old Day Cemetery, (now Highland Hill Farm – garden nursery), Bucks Co., PA; m. to Martha Unknown , bapt. 6 Nov 1714, Pennyback Baptist Church, Philadelphia Co., PA.

The Dungan family from whom Christopher Day  purchased his land was originally from Middlesex Co., England . Sometime after 1682, Rev. Dungan located at Cold Springs. Falls Twp., Bucks Co., PA with its following of Welsh Baptists. Rev. Thomas Dungan  was the first Baptist preacher between Bristol and Trenton (1688). Most of the people in this area were Baptists and came form Rhode Island . They Pennyback Church of Philadelphia County and city was the original Baptist Church of the neighborhood. It was here that Christopher Day, Sr. and his wife Martha were baptized. We do not know the date of his birth, but we find a baptismal date at the Pennyback Baptist church in Philadelphia Co., PA for Christopher Day  and Martha  his wife on November 6, 1714.

                                                   Battle 's "History of Bucks County , PA

 p. 570:  Christopher Day , Yeoman, settled in Plumstead Township in 1680.

                In 1686, he bought a parcel of Cooke’s Survey. (Patent 2000 Acres)
p. 572:    Christopher Day was a Yeoman of Plumstead, Bucks County , PA  

On January 11, 1689, Christopher Day  received part of a 2000-acre tract of land belonging to Arthur Cook . On October 7, 1708 he was living in Plumstead, and also on July 23, 1719[ii].

In 1708, he bought from Clement  and Thomas Dungan  500 acres of land[iii]. 

In "Records of Courts and Quarter Sessions and Common Pleas of Bucks Co., 1700-1730" we find several references to Christopher Day:

At an inquest as overseer of the poor;
He was elected Assessor in 1730.
In the marriage certificates[iv], Christopher Day, Sr. witnessed a Quaker wedding on March 17, (1772?).

Christopher Day was one of the first settlers in Plumstead Twp., Bucks Co. PA and one of its leading citizens at the time. He was elected assessor and as overseer of the poor in 1730. He donated land for the first school in Plumstead Twp. and for the first cemetery. His will mentions sons Christopher , Nathaniel , Matthew  and Joseph , daughters Abigail Poe  and Ursala Fenton , and wife Martha, makes Matthew the executor, and charges son Christopher with supporting Martha  "during her natural life and widowhood." A list of articles in his estate (i.e. horses, cows, and cooking pots) indicates that Christopher Day was a farmer.

Text Box: I went to the plot of land where he is buried today in Bucks County, PA off of Dublin Pike and Swamp Rd.   I was really upset to see that 4 of the 5 gravestones have been removed. The only one remaining belongs to Abraham Fried d. 1772.  Supposedly an old woman owned the land in the 1970's, but when she became senile, she removed the stones because she feared that people would steal them.  I don't know if I buy that story.  How could an old woman near her death remove the stones?   Pretty heavy, I'd say.

A man and his son now own the property and have built a garden nursery there.  They allowed me to look at the plot of land, but it was sadly overgrown with weeds and sticker bushes.  The father said that he thought she threw the stones away when he called the police on her.  He called the police when he found them in a barn or something...who knows.  I think that he had some difficulty dealing with her and she didn't like him much.  I plan on looking into this further.

Autumn Bacon []
"Early burying ground prior to 1730 is on Swamp Road a mile above Cross Keys in the corner of a tract bought by Christopher Day  from Clement Dungan  in 1708[v]." The five stones bearing inscriptions are: Christopher Day, March 6, 1748, C, Day, 1763 (probably his son Christopher), J. Marlin , 1749, Abraham Friend  12/21/1772, and William Davis  1815.

Christopher Day  is buried in the Old Day Cemetery , which is now known as Highland Hill Farm (a garden nursery) located on Dublin Pike above Doylestown, Route 313 (right off of Swamp Rd. and the Old Dublin Pike), Bucks Co., PA. Only one marked stone remains on the property belonging to Abraham Fried  who died at the age of 32 in 1772. Matthew Day , Christopher Day’s eldest son sold the land to Abraham Fried before moving to York , PA.

Christopher Day 's homestead was located on the southern boundary of Plumstead Twp., Bucks Co., PA, just north of Doylestown, and West of Cross Keys. (Old stagecoach stop on route from Boston To Philadelphia).  

Bucks Co., PA was one of the three original counties in PA; the other two were Chester and Philadelphia . Apparently, Christopher Day , Sr. lived near the line of Philadelphia and Bucks County . Perhaps closer to the Philadelphia Courthouse since many Day girls married Friends around Philadelphia . There are many Dyes and Days in this area.


Be it remembered that I, Christopher Day  of Plumstead in the County of Bucks and Province of Pennsylvania, Yeoman, Being indisposed in body, but of sound and disposing mind and memory do make and declare this my last will and Testament. I resign my soul to its Creator in all humble hopes of its future happiness and as to body my will is that it be decently buried at the discretion of my executor hereafter named in a lot of ground hereafter described. And as touching such means and state as it hath pleased Almighty God of his mercy and goodness to bestow upon me and after payment of my just debts. I give and dispose thereof as followeth,  

First, I give and bequeath unto my well beloved wife Martha , the House wherein I now live, and Spring House together with the Appurtenenaces to than buildings belonging. And the household goods in the mansion house contained (one bed and bedding and one iron pot only ecepted), but which I give to my Son Matthew Day  for and during her natural lifetime and widowhood. Also I give and bequeath unto this Martha, my wife, tow cows, her riding mare, sidesaddle, and warming pan to be her heirs exrs, admrs, of Assigns peaceably and quietly held and enjoyed forever. Also my will is that ten perches square of land bounded northward by the land of Cephas Child  and my other land and southward by the same and the Road called the Street; containing one Hundred perches of land, be remain for the use of a burying place forever and for no other purpose whatsoever. Also, I give and devise unto my son Christopher Day  the messuage, plantation and tract of land theron to belonging to and where he now lives containing 50 acres. Bounded eastward by the land of Alexander Brown and to be divided from my other land by NE and SW line in the appurtenances, to hold to him this Christopher , his heirs and forever. Also, I give and devise unto my son Matthew Day the like Quantity of land to be taken off of opposite end of tract by a line extending the same course as afrsd., With the appurtenances to hold to him the said Mathew Day  and his heirs and assigns forever. And I give and devise on moiety of the residue or Rm'rof all my land with the appurtences bounded easterly by the land of Samual Dyer the same being first equally divided by NW of SE line unto my son Christopher Day to his heirs and assigns forever. This Christopher paying yearly unto Martha, wife, the sum of 3 lbs. lawful money of Pennsylvania and getting and hauling or causing to be got and hauled 112 of the firewood which said wife may have and? To use during her natural life or widowhood. And all the rest of my estate both real and personal not herein before disposed of. I give and bequeath unto my son Joseph Day  and to my daughter Abigail Poe  to each of then the sum of 5 lbs. of like money aforesaid to be paid by my son Christopher Day, within two years after my wife's decease. I also I give and bequeath to son Nathaniel Day  and my daughter Ursula Fenton to each of them the like sum of 5lbs. to be paid by my son Matthew Day within two years after my wife's decease. Also I do hereby make, ordain, constitute and appoint my son Matthew Day whole and sole executor of this my recent testament and last will and do hereby revoke, renounce and annihilate all former and other wills, legacies and testament by me at any time heretofore cede and given and do publish and declare this sheet of paper to be and contain my last will and testament and none other, nor otherwise.  

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal this First day of September Anno Domini One thousand seven hundred and forty six.

Christopher Day .


Bucks Co. The 25th day of March 1748
Signed, sealed, published and declared to be the last will and Testament of Christopher Day
. These words (during her natural life or widowhood) being interlined before signing in the presence of Thomas Holcombe

Clement Doyl   John Watson Jr.

Inventory of estate of Christopher Day

Made 3-15-1748/49 Filed 3-25-1749
Bucks Co., PA Court House

Purse & apparel -7lbs
One band- 10 lbs
Riding mare- 12 lbs
2 Cows- 10 lbs
Side saddle and warming pan- 2lbs. 15 sh.
Featherbed and furniture- 10 lbs
2 iron pots and hooks- 12 sh.
3 pewter dishes, tankard, 2 dozen spoons and Chambers (pots)- 18 sh.6p.
Tub (sic) churn and other milk utensils- 10 sh.
4 bottles- 2 sh.
3 chairs and table- 6 sh.
1 1/2 doz. knives and forks- 10 sh.
Looking glass, ladles and fork- 10 sh.
Pr. still yard and bake oven- 1lb
Box iron, henters, sheep shears and scissors- 5sh.
Hogsheads, Barrels and kegs- 1lb. 10 sh.
1 gr. wheel and 1 little wheel- 10 sh.
1 Pillion, a Bible, 1 4 bags (sic)- 3lbs. 7 sh.
1 chest. 1sieve and 2 candlesticks- 10 sh.
Trenchers, Noggins and earthenware- 6 sh.
Brown horse, Bay colt and saddle- 13 lbs.
Bull, 2 herders, 3 calves- 7 lbs. 10 sh.
Cart and gears- 8 lbs. 10 sh.
Plows, harrow, Single trees and Shaves- 1lb.
2 Scythes, sled, grindstone- 12 sh. 6 p.
9 bu. wheat-lbs. 2.14.16; 6 bu. oats 4 lbs.- 7lbs 4 sh.
10 bu. buckwheat lb. 1; 4 bu. rye 12 Lb.- 1lb. 12 sh.
3 bells, a hackle, 4 axes, 2 hoes- 3lbs. 5 sh.
Carpenters tools- 15s; gun 2 lb. and stake of bees 10's- 3lbs. 5 sh.
sheep, swarm of bees, 2 broad hoes, Spade and dung fork- 1lb. 7 sh. 6 p.
3 pitch forks~ 6 carving knives, I box- 18 sh.
8 swine- 1 lb. 16 sh.

TOTAL= 113 lbs. 1 sh. 6 p.

Orphan Court Records

Christopher Day to Orphan Court at Newtown in Bucks County
June 13, 1753

Petition of Mathew Day , executor of Christopher Day  (Father) late of Plumstead Township, Yeoman. Shows that Christopher Day made his last will and testament in writing and therein appointed your petitioner executor. Said Executor proved and filed will and inventory of personal estate and paid off legatees, etc. Orphan Court-1754[vi]


Christopher Day  executor of Nathaniel Day  (brother) decreed, read, and allowed. Settlement of Mathew Day ?s accounts as executor approved by Cephus Child and Benjamin Felle , being appointed by Orphan court June 1753[vii].

Christopher  & Martha (Unknown) Day  had six (6[viii]) children all mentioned in his will:

1.       Matthew Day  Sr ., b. ca. 1721, Plumstead Twp., Bucks Co., PA & MD boundary; d. bef. 1800, Baltimore, MD (now York Co., PA); bur. Baptist Gunpowder Cemetery, Middleton, Fredrick Co., MD-Now York Co., PA; m. ca. 1748. Bucks Co., PA to Ann Unknown , b. 1727.  
Christopher Day  Jr ., d. 1763; bur. Baptist Gunpowder Cemetery, Middleton, Fredrick Co., MD-Now York Co., PA.  
Abigail Day , m. to Mr. Poe  
Ursula Day , m. to Mr. Fenton  
Nathanial Day Sr ., b. Buck Co., PA; d. Mar 1754, Bucks Co., PA; m. ca. 1741, Buck Co., PA to Susan Wylie .  
Joseph Day  – mentioned in will

Matthew Day  Sr .

1.  Matthew Day  Sr , son of Christopher  & Martha (Unknown) Day , b. ca. 1721, Plumstead Twp., Bucks Co., PA & MD boundary; d. bef. 1800, Baltimore, MD (now York Co., PA); bur. Baptist Gunpowder Cemetery[ix], Middleton, Fredrick Co., MD-Now York Co., PA[x]; m. ca. 1748. Bucks Co., PA to Ann Unknown , b. 1727; d. ca. 1765; m 2nd 1770 to Mary Felle , daughter of Felix Felle  of Plumstead Township, Bucks Co., PA., d. 1824, Bracken Co., KY.

In 1771, they left Bucks County with his children to what is today the southern border area of Pennsylvania in York Co. Moving with them were Matthew's children from his first wife Ann, namely Mark, John, Isaac, Matthew, Jr., and possible Asa; with second wife Mary Felle  he had four more: David, Mary, Joseph, and Sarah.

The new homestead farm of Matthew And Mary (Felle) Day was in a strip of land that the residents then considered to be part of Baltimore Co., MD. Matthew is said to have lived there through the Revolutionary War till sometime before 1800; however, sometime after his death his wife Mary eventually moved on to Bracken Co., KY, and died there in 1824.

Matthew Day  Sr . lived just north of the Mason-Dixon Line, in the far southern portion of York Co., PA. Even though the Mason-Dixon survey was completed before they moved there, the family later claimed to be from MD. The farm was a few miles west of the modern community of Fawn Grove in Shrewsbury Twp. of York Co., and east of the community of MD Line, where Matthew Day is said to be buried in Gunpowder Cemetery. In the years before the Rev. War, Baltimore was a wheat-exporting center for the Colonies; even today the area around this old Day farm is a rich, relatively level rural area of orchards and farmland. It is a plateau between the mountains of Pennsylvania to the north and slopes down to the Chesapeake Bay to the south and east.

Matthew  & Ann (Unknown) Day  Sr had five (5) children:

1.1.    Mark Day  
John Day Sr ., b. 29 Jan 1755, Plumstead Twp., Bucks Co., PA & MD boundary; d. 1816, Lewis Twp., Clermont Co., OH; m. 1 Aug 1776, Baltimore, MD to Abigail Poe .  
Isaac Day  
Matthew Day  Jr.  
Asa Day  (possibly)

Matthew  & Felix (Felle) Day  had four (4) children:

1.6.    David Day  
Mary Day  
Joseph Day  
Sarah Day  

[i] Autumn Bacon []
See Bk. 1 pg. 420. --- Bucks County Historical Society
According to The History Of Bucks County , Pennsylvania , Chapter XXIV, Plumstead, 1725.
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- vii Contributed by Marion Day Mullins 2306 Park Place , Ft. Worth Texas (Family Historian).
[viii] The fact that Christopher and Martha Day had six children is verified in the will of Christopher Day , Sr., Bucks Co., PA- Book 2 pg. 141. Will was probated in Bucks Co., PA, March 25, 1748. Also verified in "Our Amer. Ancestors..."
Located 2 miles from the Maryland line.