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"White Marsh" was the early seat of the Whiting family in Virginia .

James Whiting

James Whiting , b. 1606, England

James Whiting , "who came over to Elizabeth City , Virginia , in "The George," AD 1617, aged 9 years, was the progenitor of the Virginia family bearing his name.

Dr. Henry Whiting

Dr. Henry Whiting , d. 1693.  Dr. Henry Whiting had.

Major Henry Whiting

Major Henry Whiting , son of Dr. Henry Whiting , b. 1680; d. ca. 1723-1732; m. Anne Beverley , daughter of Peter Beverley . 

Maj. Henry  & Anne (Beverley) Whiting  had.

Colonel Thomas Whiting

Colonel Thomas Whiting , son of Maj. Henry  & Anne (Beverley) Whiting , b. 1712; d. 1781; m. 1754 to Elizabeth Thruston , daughter of Col. John  & Sarah (Minn) Thruston , b. 27 Apr 1740 or 9 Nov 1740, at Landsdown, Gloucester Co., VA; d. 1776. 

Colonel Thomas Whiting  was of Elmington, Gloucester Co., VA.

Thomas Whiting , son of Thomas  & Catherine (Unknown) Whiting , b. 1712; d. 1781; m. Elizabeth Sewell .

According to the "Whiting Family Record," (typescript) compiled by William Whiting , based on the memories of Rev. Samuel Whiting  and his wife Elizabeth , Thomas Whiting 's great-grandfather James Whiting , "who came over to Elizabeth City, Virginia, in "The George," AD 1617, aged 9 years, was the progenitor of the Virginia family bearing his name." According to this record Thomas's father was Thomas but his grandfather (James' son) is unknown.

Col. Thomas  & Elizabeth (Thruston) Whiting  had eight (8) children:

1.       Sarah Whiting [i], m. to Robert Cowne .  
Anne Beverly Whiting , m. to Mr. Fremont .  
Henry Whiting [ii], b. 1753[iii], Hanover Co., VA; m. to Letitia Johnson [iv]  
Child Whiting  
Child Whiting  
Child Whiting  
Child Whiting  
Child Whiting

Henry Whiting

3.  Henry Whiting , son of Col. Thomas  & Elizabeth (Thruston) Whiting , [v], b. 1753[vi], Hanover Co., VA; m. to Letitia Johnson [vii].

Henry  & Letitia (Johnson) Whiting  had a son[viii]:

3.1.  George Whiting [ix].

George Whiting

3.1.  George Whiting , son of Henry  & Letitia ( Johnson ) Whiting ,

They lived on a farm near Carmi , Illinois (near Indiana ).  They moved to Anna , Illinois in the 40ís and started a business together with two brothers and one of the brotherís brother-in-law. 

George Whiting  had eight (8) children[x]:

3.1.1.         Jim Whiting  
John Whiting  
Katherine Whiting  
Charlie Whiting , d. 1996, Houston , TX  
Child Whiting  
Child Whiting  
Child Whiting  
Child Whiting

Jim Whiting

3.1.1.  Jim Whiting , son of George Whiting .

Jim Whiting  had two (2) children:    Greg Whiting   
Pamela Whiting , m. Mr. Strohmeir .  They are in Cape Coral , Florida .  They have 2 sons.   
Randall Whiting .  In Tampa , Florida with 3 children.

John Whiting

3.1.2.  John Whiting , son of George Whiting .

John Whiting  had a daughter:  Mary Helen Whiting , m. to Mr. Moore .  They are in Dunellon , Florida .

Katherine Whiting

3.1.3.  Katherine Whiting , daughter of George Whiting , m. to Mr. Newberry .

Mr.  & Katherine (Whiting) Newberry  had a son:  Charles Newberry .

Charlie Whiting

3.1.4. Charlie Whiting , son of George Whiting , d. 1996, Houston , TX .

Charlie Whiting  had two (2) sons:    Steven Whiting   
Jeffrey Whiting

Greg Whiting  Greg Whiting , son of Jim Whiting , m. to Daisy Unknown .

Greg Whiting  is an Internet Developer.  They reside in Marietta , Georgia .

Greg  & Daisy (Unknown) Whiting  had two (2) children:     Jessica Whiting , b. 1981     Christina Whiting , b. 1987  

[i] The Virginia Cowne Family:  From its Origin in the Isle of Man to England and America" by Jonathan Augustine Cowne  and Janna Lee Gough Cowne, June 1981, pp. 1-51; His will mentions Sarah as one of eight surviving children. 
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