A Genealogy of the Parsons, Smith & Associated Families

Please note that information contained in Volume 1 was work in progress
 and designed to be a jumping off point for my personal research.

I began compiling information on my family in 1979, when my Great Aunt Jo first introduced me to genealogy. Little did I know where that beginning would lead. Many of my first few generation were already set out in other publications where I could easily find them. Then there were others which have taken many years even to begin to develop. There were periods of time that I consistently worked on gathering information and "filling out" all the paperwork. Then there have been periods of time that I have just allowed my genealogy to set aside for a year or so. Then I something would trigger the genealogy bug and I would end up picking up my work once again with new fervor.

Through the years, I have visited with family that I didn't even know that I had. In turn my correspondence has been exhaustive at times. I so enjoy sending out and receiving family information. The mail holds so many surprises. Oh, the crazy things that one finds out while searching out the family's roots. I have been spending the past year researching the Middle Ages and before. To tell the truth I never was really interested in that period of time, until, I found out that we were related to European Royalty. Many believe that what is going on in our world today is crazy, only after delving into the past do we find that life is just as crazy and unpredictable as ever.

In my quest for family information, nothing was sacred, I search through courthouse record rooms, the Virginia State Library and Archives, other peoples attics and closets for bits and pieces of family information. Every scrap of information that I have collected has been compiled here for your perusal. I have tried to include "stories" about individuals when they were available or appropriate. My sister was a great help here - she was able to give me some insight into the rulers of England before the Tudors. While helping her study for her exams I was able to get some great information from her, it in turn turned out to be a great way to accomplish two things at once.

Thanks go out to all those with whom I have corresponded and those individuals who gave me updated information on their individual families. I am most grateful to my husband who was a great sport while I put together this volume. He encouraged me, assisted in drafting some of the appendixes, reminded me that I needed to sleep when I had spent too much time working on the draft. Thanks also to all my family for being there and giving me the extra push that I needed to get the book "hammered out".

As with any work of genealogy, there are always omissions and additions that find their way into print, should you come across a "typo" or have any information that your would like to see corrected please contact me.

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