A Genealogy of Lewis Green & Associated Families

This volume is a gathering of years of research done by my Great Aunt, Ardath Jo Green  and her fellow researchers Mrs. M.G. “Dot” Ward , Emilee Mills Staubach  and Lake Compton .  Although they have individually worked on various Green families this is a bringing together their correspondence from over the years and further research information.  Together with my Aunt Jo, I have compiled the following volume based on her notes and documentation. 

Questions that must be resolved.

In the furtherance of Green research, there are several items that are currently thought to be “fact” yet they are not.  The items that this body of research will correct are as follows:

  1. The first is that Lewis Green, b. 1724  is not a descendant of Lewis Green of Prince George County , VA.   This Lewis Green enlisted in the French & Indian War in Dinwiddie Co., VA.  He was a carpenter by trade.  He received a land grant for his service in the French & Indian War.  The land patent was in present day Hardy Co., West VA.
  2. Secondly, to settle for once and all the date of birth of Lewis Green IV .  He was born in 1710 not 1724 as previously published in the Stallard Connection.  He was a vestryman and married to Sarah.  Lewis & Sarah Green (IV)  had three children:  Lewis who went to Southwest VA ; Burrell ; and Sarah  who m. Miles Thweatt . [Emily Mills Staubauch ]  Ardath Jo Green  inquired to Nancy Clark Baker , one on the compilers of the Stallard Connection, as to the source of the birth date of 1724 for Lewis Green III .  It was stated that information was received from various sources and just tossed into a box without indication as to where the information was obtained.
  3. Establish that parentage of the James Green  who married Jane Porter.  He is  actually the son of the Orange County, VA Green’s.  He received an inheritance from his family.  He had a sister named Nancy .
  4. Littlebury Green of Sumner Co., SC – he is found associated with Zachary Green.  I theorize that he is either at the brother, son, or grandson of Zachary Green.    http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~poythress/Epes.html
  5. There  has  been  a  theory espoused  that  Lewis  Green (b. 1710)  was married   to  Elizabeth  S.  Lauderdale,   there  has  been  no  documentary  evidence  presented  to substantiate this   claim.    However,  there  seems  to  be  evidence  that  she  was married to the Lewis Green (b. 1724) of Dinwiddie County , VA , although this theory has not been proven at this time.

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